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Central Design Bureau of HYDROACOUSTICS is the modern enterprise, dealing with design, manufacturing and repair of hydroacoustic and acoustic equipment of different purposes.
2A, M. Kryvonosa str.,
Kyiv, 03037, Ukraine
tel. (+38-044) 249-34-33;
      (+38-044) 249-34-74
fax (+38-044) 249-34-72

Lines of Development

Small Diver Detecting Hydroacoustic Station (HAS)

This station is designed for divers detection by means of providing:
- Ships, yachts guard while mooring in port, in the open sea and in roads;
- Industrial objects guard in ports, harbours; sea oil-gas platforms and pipelines guard;
- Divers detection while carrying out training submersion;
- Divers detection while carrying out underwater research, rescuing, assembly and other operations.
The information about divers location is represented on hydroacoustic station display screen.
Having detected divers’ unauthorized intrusion and/or their relocators,
hydroacoustic station transmits this information to warning systems and, if necessary, to underwater objects combat distraction system.
Hydroacoustic station doesn’t need special space for its location and may be operated directly from the boat board, yacht board and shipboard, from pier or platform.
 Technical specification:
up to 1000 m
Depends on the hydrology of the operation place
Considered under delivery
Diver determination accuracy:
- with distance determination
- with azimuth determination
Monitoring sector:
- in horizontal plane
- in vertical plane
Array dipping depth
up to 10 m
Considered under delivery
5 kg
Depends on the composition